A parish library – In 1923, a parish library was established by Father Antoine Champagne. It offered works of fiction, books on the lives of saints, historical works, magazines, children’s books, everything considered to be «appropriate reading».

Said to be the first of its kind in the archdiocese, the parish library was entrusted to Father Pelletier in 1932. It had human interest stories, books on the lives of saints, books from «good» authors such as Pierre l’Ermite, Delly, René Bazin and Paul Féval, as well as children’s books. An annual membership cost 1 $ or individuals paid 5 cents per borrowed item. Many parishioners often visited the library.

Since its beginnings, the library was housed in the rectory. When the building was sold to the Chanoinesses in 1950, the books were moved to the church hall. In 1960, the library was moved to the church crypt where it remained until its demolition in 1982.

The Père-Champagne Library as we know it today was established by municipal by-law by the town of Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes in 1988. Originally established in the Centre Dom-Benoît, it was moved in the all new wellness centre, the Centre Albert-Galliot, in 2007, taking its place amongst the other community health services.